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25th April 2019

UK Car Manufacturer invest in Elevation goods lift to increase productivity.

After previously supplying a goods lift to the same site in 2014, Advanced Handling were challenged by one of the UK’s largest car manufacturers to supply a replacement larger dual platform version that was capable of operating at high intensity, over a multi shift operation.

Key Features

  • Versatile double mezzanine goods lift.
  • Completely bespoke design to match customer application. HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Much improved productivity.
  • Full range of unique safety features.

The Challenge

High capacity lifting solution required to meet tight performance and reliability targets
The production process operated between floors meaning that assemblies needed to be delivered up from the ground floor. The existing lift could not accommodate the large stillages used to transport the components.

Given the success of their existing lift which had been in use since 2014, they were confident that Advanced Handling would be able to meet all the requirements that newly proposed operational changes called for.

The Solution

Bespoke double mezzanine floor lift, each lift capable of over 300 cycles per day Two large 2.6m x 2.0m platform lifts, each delivering a daily lift capacity of approximately 300 cycles over 24 hours. The lifts are installed side by side in one safety enclosure in order to achieve the maximum efficiency from the footprint available. They have heavy duty concertinaed doors for use by external contractors.

The stillages are loaded with a small tug at the lower level and removed quickly and easily using either the tug or pallet truck at the upper level.


Improved lift availability for all users and increased productivity with less frustrating downtime The new lifts fit into the footprint of the former lift structure and meet all the dimensional and capacity requirements the customer stipulated. The lifts are fully CE marked incorporating a full range of safety features to keep staff and goods safe. The lift system has am HMI (Human Machine Interface) which provides a graphical interface with the control system of the lift and features in-built telemetry to allow the lift performance to be monitored, remotely by Advanced Handling for servicing purposes.

“We were delighted with this company’s confidence in our ability to deliver a bespoke solution. This lift features an HMI and built in telemetry to allow us to remotely monitor lift performance for servicing purposes.”
Mike Prince, Managing Director


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