Heavy Duty Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Our Heavy-Duty Mobile Scissor Lift Table has the highest lifting capacity of all our mobile scissor lift tables lifting loads of up to 1,250kg. In addition to this, we also have a double and triple scissor option if you need to lift the load up to a higher level.

Our Heavy-Duty Triple Scissor Lift Table can even lift to a height of 2,900mm.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty arms, bearings and hydraulics.
  • Overload Valve to avoid overloading and slow load valve to control lowering speed.
  • Designed to give a low closed height whilst offering maximum st
  • Non-marking tyres.
  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Manual and electric option available.
  • Double and triple options available to increase maximum lift h
  • Total stop-break so table cannot move whilst being loaded or unloaded.

Single Scissor

ModelCapacity (mm)Lift Height (mm)OperationPlatform Dimensions (mm)Closed Height (mm)Unladen Weight (kg)Approx. Lifting Time
SC-800-S-M800kg1,050mmManual840 x 1,350mm360mm222kg80 pumps
SC-800-S-E800kg1,050mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm360mm270kg30 seconds
SC-1250-S-M1,250kg1,050mmManual840 x 1,350mm360mm230kg80 pumps
SC-1250-S-E1,250kg1,050mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm360mm278kg25 seconds
SC-1000-S-M1,000kg1,050mmManual1000 x 2,000mm360mm350kg80 pumps
SC-1000-S-E1,000kg1,050mmBattery Electric1,000 x 2,000mm360mm397kg25 seconds

Double Scissor

ModelCapacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)OperationPlatform Dimensions (mm)Closed Height (mm)Unladen Weight (kg)Approx. Lifting Time
SC-500-D-M500kg1,900mmManual840 x 1,350mm490mm306kg80 pumps
SC-500-D-E500kg1,900mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm490mm352kg30 seconds
SC-800-D-M800kg1,900mmManual840 x 1,350mm490mm315kg160 pumps
SC-800-D-E800kg1,900mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm490mm363kg54 seconds

Triple Scissor

ModelCapacity (mm)Lift Height (mm)OperationPlatform Dimensions (mm)Closed Height (mm)Unladen Weight (kg)Approx. Lifting Time
SC-500-T-M500kg2,900mmManual840mm x 1,350mm655mm375kg468 pumps
SC-500-T-E500kg2,900mmBattery Electric840 x 1,350mm655mm420kg105 seconds