Low Profile & U-Shaped Scissor Lift Table

This Elevation Scissor Lift Table model has a low closed height allowing the user to manoeuvre pallets straight onto the table using a pallet truck. With a model specifically designed for CHEP/GKN pallets and an adapted model for Euro pallets available, this product is extremely versatile and good value for money as it eliminates the need for pit installation.

The Elevation Low Profile Static Scissor Lift Table is ideal to have at the start or end of the production process.

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Features & Benefits

  • Mains electric powered.
  • Extremely low closed height eliminating the need for pit installation to load and unload the pallet onto the table.
  • U-Shaped model requires no lifting ramp.
  • Safety cut-off bar to avoid the crushing of goods and protect operators.

CHEP / GKN Pallet

Model NumberMax Load (kg)Platform L x W (mm)Stroke (mm)Min. Height (mm)Lift Time (S)Motor (kW)Weight (kg)
E3000600kg1,500 x 800800mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E3001600kg1,610 x 800970mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E30021,000kg1,200 x 800750mm100mm211.5kW240kg
E30041,000kg1,500 x 1,000800mm80mm211.5310kg
E30051,000kg1,610 x 800970mm80mm211.5kW290kg

EURO Pallet

Model NumberMax Load (kg)Platform L x W (mm)Stroke (mm)Min. Height (mm)Lift Time (S)Motor (kW)Weight (kg)
E7000600kg1,500 x 1,100mm800mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E7001600kg1,610 x 1,100mm970mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E70021,000kg1,500 x 1,100mm800mm80mm211.5kW270kg
E70031,000kg1,610 x 1,100mm800mm80mm211.5kW270kg
E70041,000kg1,610 x 1,100mm970mm80mm211.5kW270kg
E70051,500kg1,500 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70061,500kg1,610 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70071,500kg1,610 x 1,300mm970mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70082,000kg1,500 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70092,000kg1,610 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70102,000kg1,610 x 1,300mm970mm100mm221.5kW310kg