Voyager Manual & Electric Stackers

The Voyager Stacker by Elevation is a mighty machine that can lift loads of up to 1,000kg. With the choice between an electric or lower cost manual operation and a wide range of optional attachments to choose from, the Voyager Stacker is extremely versatile and suitable for all industries and a variety of applications.

Contact your local Elevation Partner with details of your application and environment for advice as to whether the electric or manual Voyager Stacker will suit your requirements.

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Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, compact and highly manoeuvrable. 
  • Steel & aluminium construction makes it lighter than traditional stackers
  • Single mast design for high visibility.
  • Wide straddled legs available to suit GKN and Euro pallets.
  • Manual and electric options available.
  • Aesthetically designed.

Voyager Electric

ModelCapacity (kg)Lifting Height (mm)Adjustable Fork Dimensions (mm)Overall Height (mm)Operation
ST-VOY-500-1100-E500kg1100mm1,140 x 120mm1,930mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-500-1100-E-STR500kg1,100mm1,140 x 120mm1,930mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-500-1600-E500kg1,600mm1,140 x 120mm1,930mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-500-1600-E-STR500kg1,600mm1,140 x 120mm1,930mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-500-2200-E500kg2,200mm1,140 x 120mmTBCBattery Electric
ST-VOY-500-2200-E-STR500kg2,200nn1,140 x 120mmTBCBattery Electric
ST-VOY-1000-1100-E1,000kg1,100mm1,160 x 150mm1,970mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-1000-1100-E-STR1,000kg1,100mm1,160 x 150mm1,970mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-1000-1600-E1,000kg1,600mm1,160 x 150mm1,970mmBattery Electric
ST-VOY-1000-1600-E-STR1,000kg1,600mm1,160 x 150mm1,970mmBattery Electric

Voyager Manual

ModelCapacity (kg)Lifting Height (mm)Adjustable Fork Dimensions (mm)Overall Height (mm)Operation
ST-VOY-500-1100-M500kg1,100mm1,140 x 120mm1,910mmManual
ST-VOY-500-1100-M-STR500kg1,100mm1,140 x 120mm1,950mmManual
ST-VOY-500-1600-M500kg1,600mm1,140 x 120mm1,910mmManual
ST-VOY-500-1600-M-STR500kg1,600mm1,140 x 120mm1,950mmManual
ST-VOY-500-2200-M500kg2,200mm1,140 x 120mmTBCManual
ST-VOY-500-2200-M-STR500kg2,200mm1,140 x 120mmTBCManual
ST-VOY-1000-1100-M1,000kg1,100mm1,160 x 150mm1,950mmManual
ST-VOY-1000-1100-M-STR1,000kg1,100mm1,160 x 150mm1,950mmManual
ST-VOY-1000-1600-M1,000kg1,600mm1,160 x 150mm1,950mmManual
ST-VOY-1000-1600-M-STR1,000kg1,600mm1,160 x 150mm1,950mmManual